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Speaker's Recommend:Mr. Liu Jian

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Mr. Liu Jian


The Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission

2008-2012:Electrification of Road Transport 

2010-201:2:VIBAT for Transportation in Jinan - Oxford Program for the Figure of Cities

2011-2012:Low Carbon Mobility Futures – Transport Studies Unit 

2010-2011:Urban Transport and the Environment - Hangzhou, China, Sustainable Urban: Mobility: Global Report on Human           Settlements 

2009-2010:Vision and Backc asting (VIBAT) for Transport Policy in London

2008-2009:Spatial Competition between Railway Stations – Transport Studies Unit

2007-2008:Futures project, joint with University of Leeds, Southampton and West of England, EPSRC: Sustainable Urban                Environment 

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