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Don't miss the biggest events of HY+FC Industry in China

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China has witnessed a steady development of hydrogen over the past 10 years and recently 2016 edition of China Blue Paper of Hydrogen Industry Infrastructure Development has been released. This Blue Paper sets its total output plan at 72 billion cubic meters per year by 2020 which will take the lead of driving the commercialized application of hydro-powered vehicles and fuel stations in the world. An estimated number of 100 stations will be built up with a total of 10,000 fuel-cell transport vehicles in operation generated by 1 million kilowatt. Moreover, 2030 will see an overall production of hydrogen at 100 billion cubic meters per year and accumulated construction of high-pressure pipes at 3000km for transmitting hydrogen or hydro-gas capacity with 1000 fuel stations installed and 2 million fuel-celled vehicles on road. The most encouraging plan is to build up the nationwide network of fuel stations and a layout design for the national highway networks which can accommodate the need of 10 million hydro-powered vehicles in China by 2050.  

At present, two cities of Fushan and Yunfu have put 20 fuel-cell buses in operation in China where the two bus lines are kept in special services. These two cities have built assembly plants of manufacturing 5000 buses in the coming future. We can see the steady establishment of hydrogen industrial chain ranging from hydrogen source and storage to the transport and fueling stations in China.

In view of this promising growth of this industry based on the past efforts, we are confident to carry on the 11th China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Expo concurrently with 2017 China International Conference on Hydrogen and Investment will be held on May 24 to 26, 2017 in Shanghai World Expo Center. This Expo started its 1st Edition in Shanghai from 2006 and will set a new record of size and number of delegates for 2017. We believe this Expo and Conference will be a timely and fruitful networking platform for both the international and local industrial players and R+D entities to meet, to discuss and experience the state-of-art technology and products under one show floor.

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